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Kuchch (Cutch)

We are manufacture and exporter of Kuchch (Cutch) (catechu extract) which is also called acacia extract. It has high tannin content and excellent tanning properties. Reddish brown in color, it is used for various shades of brown and olive including the familiar khaki dye, and also in tanning. Catechu extract and Kuchch (Cutch) extract are also known as catechu tannin, Kuchch (Cutch) tannin, acacia extract. The Kuchch (Cutch) Powder offered by us is derived from heartwood of Catechu tree. Our PFS TM brand Kuchch (Cutch) is known by its Quality in different parts of India as well as in several other Asian countries.


Packaging Available

Kuchch (Cutch) Packing Desc.
PFS Cutch 3.2 kg x 8 slabs
Gulab Cutch 1 kg x 30 pouch
Parag Cutch 1 kg x 30 pouch
Rajnigandha Cutch 1 kg x 30 pouch and 250 gm x 100 pouch
Sagar Cutch 1 kg x 30 pouch

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Rajnigandha Kuchch (Cutch)

Rajnigandha Rajnigandha

Sagar Kuchch (Cutch)

Sagar Cutch

Gulab Kuchch (Cutch)

Gualb KuchchGualb KuchchGualb KuchchGualb KuchchGualb Kuchch

Parag Kuchch (Cutch)


Cutch Catechu Extract

Cutch Catechu Extract is majorly used in Leather for making Vegetable Syntan , Silk & Fabric Dying and also used in tanning of leather. It is also used in veterinary, animal feed industry & Food Industry. Cutch Catechu Powder (tannin) is a alternative of Mimosa and Quebracho. It is manufactured from the extract of acacia wood also known

PFS Cutch 02

PFS Cutch 02

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