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Unique Wood Products is a pioneer organization producing Kuchch (Cutch) for the last 15 years, which has ruled the markets of the metros and other parts of India by virtue of the fine quality and it is asked by its name. Kattha also known as Catechu is one of the most important ingredients in preparation of Beetle (Pan) which is a traditional mouth freshener. Kattha enhances the taste and quality of the the Pan. It also has medicinal value. Kattha is anti-diabetic and used in various ayurvedic medicines. Unique Wood Products also produce Pure for sure (PFS) brand double filtered machine made Kattha for quality conscious people and also for those who are on the look out for the ultimate in taste. The bi-product PFS brand Kuchch (Cutch) also known as Catechu extract is very well known in India and abroad.

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  • UWP Kattha

    Application: Making Pan

    Color: Brownish

    Packaging Type: Plastic Packets

    moisture: 4%

    Packaging size: 0-25 Kg

  • Cutch Catechu Extract
    Cutch Catechu Extract is majorly used in Leather for making Vegetable Syntan , Silk & Fabric Dying and also used in tanning of leather. It is...


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